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Wine Producer Fromm

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Cloudy Bay Vineyards - Founded by George Fromm, a fourth generation Swiss winemaker in the late 80's, the name Fromm signifies the journey made from the old world to the new and is a signature element of intuitive winema...

Ants driving residents crazy

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DJ Wiapo - Ant numbers are booming in Marlborough, driving householders crazy and keeping pest control workers busy. Pests were in big numbers throughout the district because of a mild winter and good breedin...

This Day in History - October 22, 1905 - A Star Discoverer Is Born

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Sarah Nicole Greig - On this day in 1905, Karl Guthe Jansky was born in Norman, Oklahoma. He only had a fairly short life—dying on Valentine’s Day, 14 February, 1950—but nevertheless he had an enormous impact on our un...

This Day in History - October 22, 1975 - First Photo From Another Planet

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Sarah Nicole Greig - On this day in 1975, the USSR’s Venera 9 spacecraft descended through the thick Venusian atmosphere, released its parachute, and successfully landed on the surface of Venus. Two months later, it wo...

Heavy demand for weight-loss scheme - A Marlborough company has doubled its search for "Fat Mates" after being overwhelmed by people wanting to try its new weight loss pills. Tuatara Natural Product director Neil Charles-Jones said the...

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